Michelle Martin: Michelle is joining us in September of 2018. We are extremely excited to have her join our team. She will be in charge of the After School program and will do the planning and teaching. She will also work with the older students in the High School, taking over some of Kristen's teaching responsibilities. With her coming on board we are able to take 5 new High School students for 2019!

Lucia is a critical part of our team. She works part-time and makes it possible for us to run OHCP. 3 days a week she helps with meals for students, both lunches for High School and snacks for the After School kids. She watches the younger kids so both Eddie and Kristen are able to teach at the same time. She helps clean OHCP and runs many of the daily tasks that we are not able to get to. 

Kristen is our main teacher for both the High School program and After School Program. She teaches History, Science, Literacy, English, Math, and Geography. We also use a computer program and she is involved with lesson planning and grading.  

Winston is a new addition to the team. He comes from Capicorn, a community like where we work. He is our new groundskeeper and is responsible for the garden and outside of the property. He comes once a week and helps keep the property clean and maintained.

Eddie is also a devoted father and Home Schools his younger two children as well as does most of the handy work around the house and school. He is involved in the Church and helps with worship at Youth With A Mission.

Kristen Fransman: Kristen is our secretary and is in charge of the entire behind the scenes running of Open Hands Community Project. She keeps up with social media, newsletters, emails, record keeping and student enrollment. 

She oversees volunteers and mission trips and plans camps and outings for the students.

Meet the team

Eddie Fransman: Eddie is not only our founder but runs many critical programs. He is our master gardener and teaches students how to grow food. He plays chief and cooks us nutritious meals most days. He is our driver and picks up students at home and takes them back at the end of every day. He teaches music and art and helps with building projects. Next year he hopes to add a carpentry course to our syllabus.  

Please note: Michelle will be coming to South Africa as a volunteer and is responsible for raising her own support. One way to support her is with PayPal through the link below.

Get to know Michelle:
Michelle surrendered her life to Christ in Spring of 2006. Soon after, she felt a strong call to overseas missions. She was convinced the Lord would send her overseas! It was just a matter of when and where.

During college, she was taught how to invest in her personal relationship with the Lord and learned how to study the Bible, share the Gospel, pray, and what discipleship looked like. She then began to invest in ladies around her. She wanted to make the greatest impact possible and knew this meant she had to learn how to disciple. She did not want to wait to disciple others when she got overseas, she wanted to live a missional life now, in America.

In January 2018, Michelle bought a ticket and finally decided to come to South Africa to see what Open Hands Community Project was all about.  She came to serve for 2 weeks, but God had other plans. She felt a peace in Cape Town that she had never known before. She loved every minute of being here, working with the students and knew she wanted to come back.

" The more I thought about coming back to visit, the more I realized I don’t just want to come back to visit. I want to come back and stay! I want to be here to invest in these students and be used by God in whatever way He sees fit." Michelle after her 2-week trip.

Her journey isn’t just beginning, God has taken her on a 12-year path leading to this ministry at this time in her life.

Michelle is making a long-term commitment to come serve in Cape Town South Africa.